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We trap moles so that there are no poisons to harm pets, children or the environment. We cover our traps to protect them and for a tidy appearance. Your property is monitored as necessary and we generally have the problem wrapped up in a couple weeks. We will, however, return for any new activity within the remainder of the 60 day warranty period.

Please let us know about any toddlers, dogs/pets, gate codes, etc.



Moles can cause severe damage to your yard. Moles average about 5" - 10" long and have a gray mohair-like fur. Their slender snout and needle like teeth are good for those grubs and worms they eat. The flattened feet, claws and tiny ears all help the mole tunnel.

Moles are members of family (Talpidae) of mammals in the order Insectivora that live under ground, burrowing holes. Some species are aquatic or semi-aquatic. They feed on small invertebrate animals living under ground.
Moles eat worms. They maintain a fresh supply of worms in underground chambers. The mole immobilizes the worms by biting their heads off. The most common mole in Oregon is the Townsend's mole.


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Thank you for choosing Mole Masters!! Our goal is to quickly respond to your mole problem, effectively protect your yard!

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Also, if your property is larger
than a quarter acre, there will be
an extra fee applied.
For those with an active
Greenspace on one or more sides of your property, we offer a yearly service.
Call or email us any questions you might have about your particular problem.

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We use bio-diesel and E85 fuels.
We recycle our plastic buckets.
And our office lights are compact flourescent bulbs.
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